Kóstolom Winebar

About Kóstolom

we need a place

A place where we can converse with winemakers, be in the professional bubble, a place where we can snuggle down before, during or after work. A place where we can feel at home. Where good wines surround us. Where we are in company even if we arrived alone.

The story of Kóstolom began in 2016. We started as a winery database, which, thanks to the team’s expansion, grew to a creative wine-marketing company offering premium services. Our everyday life is vitalized by family bounds and frienships, and of course the linking tie: the love of wine. But the wine and the mystery around it belongs to everybody, everyone deserves the rights to take a look behind the scenes. So in 2017, we have laid the Kóstolom Borbár’s foundation-stone. In 2018, we opened.